Vidmate Old Version For Download

Vidmate Old Version is the best android application to download music and songs. The app allows users to download videos from any website online and save it in their devices. Due to the application’s compatibility with over 200 websites, it is an ideal choice for users, as well as many other ways to use it.

Vidmate updates its version, technology and features from time to time. With each new update, additional features and functions are added to the application. If you want to download the older version, you can still download the older version of Vidmate from the App Store. They had unique properties and were suitable for specialized equipment. If you think your device supports an older version of Vidmate, you can download an older version of Vidmate from the App Store.

The old version of Vidmate is the most trusted and reliable video downloader on the internet and is loved by millions of people. Even after several updates, there are people who only use the old version of Vidmate due to various reasons.

Features of Vidmate Old Version:

We discuss in detail some of the features of the downloadable old version of Vidmate:

  1. Users can get detailed information about the download operation in VIDMATE through the following taskbar. However, if the user downloads a video, the download process can be paused, deleted and resumed as required by the user.
  2. With this application, the user can download HD quality videos as per his wish.
  3. Another great feature of the app is that it gives users an idea of how much time they spend with each download format. So they can take decisions based on this information.
  4. The old version of Vimdate, provides an amazing facility for the users to watch their favorite TV channels online. Currently there are more than 200 channels available on vidmate apk.
  5. Videos, types of music, applications, etc. that can be downloaded from the application. They are completely free and users do not need to pay later to download the app, register and download videos.
  6. An older version of the Vidmate application download supports 2 GB or later, a supported version of the download file
  7. The Vidmate app also provides this great opportunity to introduce users to multitasking features which include faster downloads.
  8. So if you are interested in downloading the old version of Vidmate, you can easily download it to access more than 200 sites and download lots of videos like Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion etc.

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