Vidmate Old Version 4.6 Download

Downloading videos, movies and songs is a big craze these days. Now a days youth are always looking for apps where they can download videos, movies and songs. There are many apps available on the Internet but several of these are paid apps. vidmate old version 4.6 is the best app for downloading movies, videos, songs et cetera wherein you can download all of this from any site which is associated with the Vidmate 4.6. This app occupies very little space on the device as it is only 4.2 MB. It also has a fast downloading speed of videos and which can easily be assembled in the library as per the downloading date.

Features of Vidmate old version 4.6

  1. This app is associated with more than 30 sites that it doesn’t require you to download all those apps on your device. With the Vidmate app you can easily gain access to the different sites for downloading videos movies et cetera.
  2. Through this app you can also view live TV channels, not only viewing but you can also download it and watch them at a later stage.
  3. This app gives you the option to download videos in the video quality of your choice. The quality of video ranges from HD to 720p.
  4. The users used to face a lot of difficulty in downloading videos from different social media platforms. Now with the Vidmate app, It has become quite easy and crisp to download videos from different sites.

The users can choose the resolution they want to download the video and the size of the file can also be managed to a greater extent. It is an extremely simple effective efficient and easily accessible app by everyone. The downloading process of the app is very simple and also the downloading process of videos, movie, songs, latest trending videos etc are all very simple without much hassles. Go ahead and download vidmate old version 4.6 and avail all the unlimited benefits and features available. This app will never make any user feel bored.

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