Vidmate 2016 Version

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Find the great version Vidmate 2016 Version of the app store and download it for free

Vidmate is an amazing application that comes with amazing features and offers its users the seamless and amazing experience of downloading and watching their favorite videos as well as movies and that’s too, without even paying a single penny. Yes, the Vidmate application allows users to download and install the app for free and also sign in the application for free. Later they can use the application and download amazing videos and other content from various social media sites, streaming sites and video sharing p and download it to their respective devices.

Vidmate 2016 Version

Vidmate 2016 Version

The application has year after year launched new and updated version with more exciting and new features. However, the Vidmate 2016 version is the most widely used video download app From Vidmate and is the choice of millions of android users.

The amazing feature which made Vidmate 2016 version the best and the most downloaded video downloading application on the play store is that it allows users to download HD videosand other multimedia content directly in there device so they can play and watch the same anytime and anywhere in online as well as offline mode. Apart from that the other amazing feature that it offered to its users was the option to convert multimedia content from one form to another and download it in whatever form they like. Apart from video streaming and video downloading the users can explore its various other functions because it supports almost all the major operating systems and is compatible with different formats like MP3, MP4 and many others From Vidmate Mp3 Download.

Features Of Vidmate 2016 Version

So, there is this list of other amazing features of the Vidmate 2016 Version, which we are going to discuss:

If you wants to watch a video in offline mode then you have to download it in the background and add it to watch it later option.

Whenever the use has put any video for downloading the application automatically notifies the users when the download has started or completed so they can easily know about the status of their downloads while performing some other task on their device like watching some other video or content. This information is conveyed in the form of the live download progress bar which gives users information about each running download videos.


While downloading the videos from this app is very convenient and efficient as the app consumes very less data for download and also for video streaming. Along with that it also offers this feature where you can boost up the speed of your net so as to download the videos in the fastest possible speed.

The other great feature is that there is no limit to the size of the file which the users can download. Yes, this indeed is a great feature because it allows users to download the large files as it supports large files downloads as well.

You can still find the Vidmate 2016 version easily on the Free Vidmate Download. You have to download the APK file to download this amazing app in your android mobile phone directly apps to install this amazing and fastest HD video downloader.

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