Vidmate 2015 Version

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Download the amazing Vidmate 2015 Version and make use of its amazing list of features and benefits

The Vidmate application is the best application that will let you download and stream videos online. There is no other application in the app store that offers you such amazing benefits all for free. The Vidmate application offers you amazing list of uses and benefits. It let you download amazing videos, songs, music and movies from different Video-sharing app, Video streaming app and social media sites. The Vidmate application offers different updated versions year after year and each with their own list of amazing benefits.

Vidmate 2015 Version

Vidmate 2015 Version

Vidmate 2015 Version was the best among them all. It was most downloaded versions of the application and had its amazing list of benefits. The application’s Vidmate 2015 Version is so amazing that it would let you download video from any website that you needed.

There have been so many versions out there from the developers of the Vidmate applicationbut there is still so much demand for Vidmate 2015 Version and you can still find it on Vidmate. So, let us explain some great benefits of the Vidmate 2015 Version:

Features Of Vidmate 2015 Version

User Friendly Interface

You would be wondering it would be difficult to download online videos from streaming platforms but that is not the case with VidMate. It has such amazing and friendly User Interface that makes it easy for everyone to download any type of video they want from any social media, streaming or video sharing platform. Once you start using the application it will seem all so easy to you. All that is needed is to copy the URL link of the video and paste it in the app’s UI. To add to the amazing user experience is the Vidmate app’s pre-installed search browser where users can type in keywords and find anything they want and download it directly from there. The best part all the videos shown for download will be from highly trusted sources only.

Customized download options

Another great feature of the application is that it lets you download video in whatever format you want. Meaning, you can choose the resolution, picture quality and format of the download. This way you can have a control on the data consumption and storage of the video content you are downloading. Also in Vidmate Application Download settings, you can pick the diverse destinations you need to appear on the first interface. You can also enjoy more video and audio content on Vidmate mp3 Download.

Fast Downloads

Another great feature for which gives Vidmate2015 version was such a hit among the users. is the fast downloading speed it offers. It offers downloads at a very fast speed because of its great and amazing software. Vidmate 2015 version has been equipped with a special download manager that uses multiple thread connections to boost Mb/s speeds.

Also the download speed depends on the Wi-Fi network its connected to is but the multiple thread connection method also boosts the download speed with a couple of extra Mb/s.On the “Fast Download Option” they can change the speed to “4”. This is going to enhance the download speed even further.


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