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Why Download Vidmate 2012 Version on Your Phone and Use it

Vidmate 2012

How often do we use an older version of an app? Why would one use it when the new app provides a lot of other features. It is to be considered that new versions are a bit complicated and are in accordance with mobile phones or PCs with the latest technological updates.

If we talk about the Vidmate app in general- it is a video downloading software that provides us with features required for watching a video online and offline along with finding and downloading it. Vidmate app has many versions but despite its latest version Vidmate 2012 is famous of them all.  The best thing about a Vidmate app is that you get everything under one roof.

 Vidmate 2012

Vidmate 2012

You don’t need to individually visit each site on the internet for the required video but you can find them under Vidmate browser within the app that would only show you sites related to the searched video. In other words, a video-specific search.

Why Download Vidmate 2012 Version?

For answering the above question first, we know about the working of Vidmate 2012 in detail.

Vidmate 2012 uses an APK extension and is not listed on Google play store and therefore you have to download the app independently. APK may strike as something new to those people who only download apps using play store but might be a common sight for those who use mobile app files that are independent.

There are a plethora of reasons for using the Vidmate 2012 version, some of them are given below:
  • Although technology updates daily, a lot of people still use mobile phones with an older version of Android and contains software that do not support the latest version of Vidmate. While the latest versions may download on the old technology, it is not compatible with the working of it.
  • The latest versions sometimes seem to be more complicated to the people who are not so convenient using android and they may download a simple odd version.
  • This app helps in providing all the essential features such as downloading the YouTube videos and watch unlimited videos in excellent quality.
  • This is a free app version and allows all its users to enjoy endless features all for free without any problem. Not only this, you have a download feature too so that you can enjoy all the app features later.
  • Small APK size of the Vidmate 2012 is another reason why you should have this version downloaded on your phone.

Some Final Words

All the versions of Vidmate provide excellent facilities. However, Vidmate 2012 is used and is made available till now by the developers despite the introduction of Vidmate 2019. It is because the 2012 version of Vidmate supports the older version of Android better than any other version. Whether new or old version of Vidmate app, it provides you help in finding, viewing video and movies and marking them for future. So, get the app on your phone today!

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