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You might have been bored with your regular play store app because of using it for a very long time. You must try 9app application, a better replacement to the old and boring play store. This app is the perfect alternative to Google’s app store. It provides some of the most unique features which are absent in the play store app via vidmate.video. It suggests you better app recommendations and has a much better application interface to use.

9app has millions of apps and games on its platform which include every possible category of applications today. All of the apps are available in their latest versions up to their last release. The searching and recommendations feature is the most key part of this application.

You will be provided with games and apps based on your tastes and likes. The 9app extracts your searched keywords and its unique algorithms use those keywords in providing you only the most relevant apps to you based on your searching pattern.

It is a hugely popular app among the users as it gathers around 1 millions of downloads daily. It has also become the first choice of over 100 millions of our user community. Every app is in its latest version and is highly secure as each one is rigorously tested by the security experts of the 9app team.

Features of 9aap:

Huge database of apps and games – It has hundreds of thousands of apps and games in the store. All your favourite games are available in one place including even those which are not available on an official play store app.

Faster downloading time – Every app is downloaded with a lightning speed because of the data compression technology used by 9app. It provides better loading time and low data consumption which comes as an economic advantage for you.

Availability of various media – GIFs, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Themes are all which you can find at one place under 9app.

The 9app respects your privacy and doesn’t provide any of your searched keywords to any other party. Thus you can have your leisure time with all the privacy and security. It is highly recommended by most of the users as the best alternative to the default app store.

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