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ViMed is a popular video editing tool for IOS platform that lets users add effects to their videos. Those who love recording videos mostly have the desire to make them look like the professional ones and they go for various effects to apply to that video to give it a meaningful story. Users can add effects like fast forward, backward, reverse to their own recorded video which in other editing applications you won’t be able to find easily.

Mostly the effects are all applied to the downloaded video files in other apps and not on the own recorded videos. Not just that, you can also add multiple effects simultaneously on one video file like you have applied fast forward effect to a recorded video, then on top of that you can also add the slow-motion effect and create unique video style and save it to your device.

The application allows users to apply the effects on both recorded files as well as the one uploaded from their device SD card. The application is very simple to use without any complications and can be handled by all kinds of users. The ViMed application is available for the users in both free and premium version.

ViMed Application

ViMed Application

Features of ViMed Application

  1. Straight Forward UI

The interface of the application is very clear and to the point. There are two sections of the application, one is for uploading the videos from the device and other is for recording videos with the application’s camera. The camera features the effect options and finally edit and save option to save the changes to the device SD card.

  1. Motion Effects

The application features three types of effect for the videos- The Reverse effect which plays the video in the backward direction, the Slow motion effect which plays the video and supported audio in Slow motion which you will also find in iPhone cameras, and the fast forward motion which plays the video in fast forward mode. You can add a single effect to you recorded video and also add multiple effects together in the recorded file.



  • Premium Feature

The application’s free feature allows you to upload videos and add effects while the premium version auto exports the copy of the videos you have edited with the application to the device SD card and you don’t need to save them separately like in free version. It also allows users to record and edit the videos for a greater amount of time and provides the opportunity to share the edited files to social media platforms as well. The premium version is not at all expensive and is available for just Rs.79 per month.

  • Performance

The application provides a very smooth and flexible video recording and editing interface to the users in full HD quality with no bugs and crashing of the application.

How to download ViMed Application

  1.  The application is available only for the IOS platforms and all iphone user can directly install the application from Vidmate App store for free.
  2.  To upgrade to the premium features they need to go the application’s settings and select the premium version with payment.


ViMed is a very useful application for video shooters for professional high-quality video editing.

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