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What is VidTube?

VidTube is an online video streaming site just like Youtube but has more features compared to Youtube. Though YouTube is irreplaceable with its vast collection of video contents across the world and is the no.1 video hosting website, there are few shortcomings that every user faces while browsing on Youtube. For example- you can only watch, upload, like, comment and subscribe for videos on Youtube but cannot download them no matter how much you want it.

Also while browsing Youtube, you cannot continue with other tasks because as soon as you minimize the application, content stops plying. All these shortcomings are overcome by VidTube, where not only users can watch videos of their choice but also download them in their desired resolutions.

The application provides a multitasking environment, where keeping the video played in the background, you can continue with other tasks. It also helps in audio file conversion from videos supporting Mp4, AVI, WMV and other file formats. The extremely useful features of the application make it one of the best online video streaming and downloading sites.

Features of VidTube Application

Downloading Feature

The application allows users to choose video resolutions from lower to HD quality adhering to the device storage space and click on the Download button to save the file instantly in their device. The application provides free downloading of millions of video content from its interface and through manual search. It even allows downloading videos from Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Multitasking capacity

The VidTube application helps users to continue chatting or working in other applications playing video in the background. Unlike Youtube, the users here do not need to stick to the website’s interface. They can just listen to the audio track keeping the video running in the background while switching between other applications.

Neat User Interface

The application’s interface is quite similar to Youtube featuring the hot trending videos in the home page and an integrated search bar for the keyword search with suggestions. The interface is very user-friendly and users can comment, like or subscribe for the videos just like Youtube.

Audio Feature

The application does not force users to watch videos mandatorily for listening to the audio track, unlike Youtube. Instead helps in downloading the Audio file from the video in Mp3 and Mp4 file formats.

Video Player

The application’s interface is extremely secure featuring video player that can pause, resume and play videos in HD quality. T even features a video gallery displaying the downloaded files.

How to download VidTube Application:

  1. a) All android users can download VidTube application directly from the Google Play store.
  2. b) It can be also downloaded from a third party source by installing the APK file. You can get the apk for VidTube from here vidtube apk download featuring the latest version.
  3. c) For installation, you have to turn on the ‘Unknown sources’ option from Settings and then launch the application in your device.


The application is dedicated only for Android users only and offers them an amazing platform like Youtube to enjoy and download millions of HD and general video and audio contents with a background playing feature.

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