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In today’s world there are many individuals who often visit pharmacies during short terms emergency situations, tell the chemists about their disease and buy medicine as per that which many times proves to be harmful or do not bring effective results as they are applied without being prescribed by a doctor. VidMed is the perfect medical application that has proved to be beneficial for various individuals across the world and easily available on vidmate. The application allows customers to have 5 to 8 minutes of a video conversation with the available doctors whom they can explain about their health issues.

Also, the application includes a Bluetooth operated thermometer and sphygmomanometer for recording temperatures and blood pressures. After getting an idea of the patient’s health, the doctor sends the prescription with the medicines through email to the customer as well as the pharmacist and makes the process trustful without any long queues for the appointment. The application is an amazing development for the Android platform and has been helpful for a lot of people.



How VidMed Application Works

The VidMed application needs to have a tie-up with the pharmacies to let its facilities availed by the customers.

  1.  In this case, once a pharmacy works jointly in association with Videmed, a Smartphone or a tab is provided by the company to the pharmacists which are used in the store for solving the patient’s health issues.
  2. When a patient visits the medical store and describes his/her health, the pharmacist records his/her health details in the application and based on that connects them with the doctor by video conferencing for better assistance.
  3.  Next, the customer explains about their health issues to the Doctor, and even uses the Bluetooth enabled thermometer and sphygmomanometer to let the doctors known about the exact readings and have a live analysis of the patient’s health condition.
  4.  After the doctor comes to a conclusion about the health issue, as per his diagnosis the pharmacist lets him know about the relevant list of medicines in their store and the doctor chooses the best one among them to give it to the patient.
  5.  After the end of the call, a virtual prescription is mailed by the doctor to both the pharmacist and the patient for their record and hence based on that, medicines are provided from the store to the patients.
  6.  The records of each patient with their personal details, image, and date wise are stored in the application so that it becomes convenient from both sides when the same people visit next time with other or same health issues.

Features of VidMed Application

  1. a) Video-Conferencing

The application operates with the help of video-conferencing where doctors analyze the patient’s health issues online and prescribe them with the medicines required for the treatment as per the availability of stock in the store.

  1. b) Bluetooth enabled Thermometer

The application features the Bluetooth enabled thermometer and sphygmomanometer for letting the patient’s record their readings online for the doctor. Based on that, Doctors suggest care plans and treatment procedures.

  1. c) Virtual Prescription

The application allows the group of doctors to prepare their prescription online and send them to the patients via email for future record.


VidMed due to its improved features has been trending widely in the market-solving thousands of patient’s health issues.

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