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Vidmate 2011 features and Download it For Unlimited Fun

Vidmate 2011 could be preferred by people who use an old version of Android and are looking for a less heavy version. Although the latest version of Android is designed with the capacity to entertain older versions of android, in the specific case where a user may have an extremely old android version the latest Vidmate 2019 may not be compatible with it.

Vidmate 2011 contains all the functions required for downloading a video and that helps in running the app smoothly. In this article, we shall cover all the necessary features of Vidmate 2011, and how they make this version of app unique.

Vidmate 2011

Vidmate 2011

Features of Vidmate 2011 are given below:

Now that you know a number of things about this popular app, let’s have a look at some of its exciting features that make the app extra special:

  • Free videos: When we view videos on an established online app or platform, we have to pay a cost to watch certain videos or movies because they may be trendy or evergreen stuff, usually the material available for cost is termed as premium.Although Vidmate 2011 consists of some videos to be viewed only with premium, after paying a certain amount of money or for viewers with a membership of the app,it also has premium videos or movies that are less than one percent of the entire set and rest of the movies and videos are available for free.
  • Watch videos offline: Same as Vidmate 2018, 2011 version provides you with the option to download the videos for viewing them in the future. The videos remain in the app till you delete them, there is no fixed duration for which the video stays. Unlike others, where the video remains only for 2 to 3 days and needs to be downloaded again, this app proves to be quite useful.
  • Download Once, Watch Anytime: You just need to download the video for once and that too happens very smoothly if you have a good speed internet, preferably on Wi-Fi over mobile data. Such offline video viewing is also helpful in bringing the best option for people to watch the content without facing any troubles.
  • Custom Download Facility: You can also download videos of every frequency and quality because on some sites the view of the video may not be that good but you prefer to listen to them such as the one with songs.
Some Final Words For Vidmate 2011

It is amazing that Vidmate is very compatible with downloading videos and films from the sites which are used by us quite often such as YouTube, Facebook, Daily motion, Instagram etc.When we search for movies online on random sites and the one we are looking for is much older and no online player supports it, there is a good chance that we keep looking for them for hours but cannot find it. So here, Vidmate’s search engine may help you find the exact one very comfortably.


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