UC Mini Plus App Download | Install UC Mini Plus apk for Android!

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UC Mini Plus App Download | Install UC Mini Plus apk for Android!
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UC Mini Download for Android!

”UC Browser is Alibaba owned mobile browser which has gained popularity with more than 500 million downloads in the year 2017 with more than 100 million users from India. Billion of users around the world and providing the best internet experience have actively used UC Browser and services.

UC Browser is compatible with all operating system including Android, iOS, JAVA, Blackberry and many more. It is best third-party mobile browser applications with faster and secure web surfing experience.

What is UC Browser Mini?

It is Browser especially designed for Android phones with a wide range of good features. It is a lightweight browser designed for Android users who have a lower specification and less storage space on their phones.

Features of UC Browser Mini

  • It allows faster delivery and presentation of web pages by compressing on a server. Also because of its technology, the pages are pre-loaded in the background for faster and better performance.
  • You can improve your internet browsing experience by adding or removing add-ons.
  • You would be surprised by its powerful downloading management tool that supports multi-tasking downloading and UDisk. UDisk provides you permanent storage space on UC web server.
  • You can add themes and wallpapers from UC theme centre and change the look of your UC browser.
  • Most Android user face problem with space. This Browser comes with tiny size to avoid space problems.
  • You can get content and service including videos, games, wallpapers and many more on your navigation.
  • Fast Browser allows you to save data and time.
  • Smart Downloading option supports multiple background download. You do not have to worry if your connection is lost, with its auto reconnection you can continue downloading where it has stopped.
  • Incognito Browser protects your privacy.
  • You can choose night mode to use comfortably at night.
  • The technology of UC browser compresses data and speed up navigation along with saving any data.
  • Lots of options – My videos, Bookmarks, Import and Export, check Network, Save Page, Text only, Full Screen and many more.

How to download UC Browser Mini Plus?

You can download UC Browser mini Plus on your Android device. It is available on Play Store. You can go to play store and click on download. You can also go on its official website and download it. It is available in five languages including English.

Is UC Browser Safe?

Although, there are many issues concerning their safety. Still, they are many active users who are enjoying its features and services. Some of the critical issues are –

  • Too many Popup Ads
  • Sends notification about products and websites related to UC.
  • Sometimes the pages are not opened completely.
  • Highly recommend user to use its extra apps like Lockers, Battery Optimizers, and Cleaners.

Reduce Privacy risk with UC Browser Mini

  • Change frequently password with another alternative browser
  • Do not use UC Browser for banking or other personal data
  • Never save Login Id and password.
  • Disable autosave feature.

Final verdict

Overall, the app is good and fast comparing to other browsers. Enjoy its features along with safety.

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