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Tubemate 5.1.1 for Android!

With upgrading technology and advanced options for entertainment, life has become easier in many aspects. At present, there are many applications that give you an array of options for downloading music, videos in paid and free versions. But how to know which application is best, is a quite tricky factor.

We have found an app that has been spreading popularly through and easily available on the Internet is TubeMate video downloader.  This amazing app has upgraded ever since its first version and continuously precise the needs of users.

Advantages of Using TubeMate Video Downloader

Technology at its best and latest one is the primary need of all of us. TubeMate provides you easiest and simplest to download videos from YouTube.

  • The tube makes offers you a speed of 50Mbps without any problem. You can download more than one video simultaneously.
  • With the Auto Resume feature, you don’t have to worry about interruption caused. Many times due to a poor Internet connection, power failure, a technical issue or any other reasons downloading stop and starts from the very beginning. But with TubeMate, you don’t have to worry as it will download video from the point where the interruption was caused.
  • Multiple Internet Connections allowed when you are downloading files that heavier and bigger files. You can change the speed setting and download it. However, speed also affects the type of internet connection you have.
  • Through Media Converter you can easily convert any file in multiple options. You can download videos, audios also choose your preferred subtitle language.
  • It is compatible on phone and PC. You can watch, browse and download videos at the same quality of original Youtube.
  • One of the additional features is pause and play that allow you to combine video with MP3 media converter, through which you can watch from 240p to 1080p videos.

 How to download Tubemate for Android 5.1.1?

Many websites would provide you APK files, but we suggest you download it from its official website.

  1. Click on
  2. The file size is 3.86 MB of space
  3. On the page, you will see Download Option
  4. Click on it
  5. Downloading will start

Before Installation

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Safety and Privacy option
  • There you would find an option of ‘Allow installation of an application from unknown source’, click on it.
  • Click on install, to start installing your app.

TubeMate is an alternative to Youtube for downloading videos and audios on Android Phones. You can save your videos on device memory that can be viewed later for your leisure and does not require any Internet connection or viewing. Using this app is simple and allows you to access video of your choice.

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All you need is select the resolution and type of video quality. There are various options for resolutions as well as file formats. You can also download them directly on SD card. This version is very elegant and an interface is simple with major improvements comparing from last ones.

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