TikTok apk | Free Download TikTok App for Android (Musical.ly)

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TikTok apk | Free Download TikTok App for Android (Musical.ly)
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TikTok was previously known as Musical.ly on the internet. It has now changed its name from Musical.ly to TikTok. This app is very famous among the youngsters and teens. This app is very popular for sharing music videos and social media contents as such via vidmate apk download.

Many people including celebs and top influencers share this platform to share their video content as well. It is basically a music video app and a social networking app launched in the Chinese lands in September 2016. This app was launched by Zhang Yiming, a Chinese man.

The Popularity of this Great Tiktok App:

  • After Dubsmash, people are now at the shore of the TikTok app.
  • It is one of the leading social and video making apps in overall Asia.
  • You won’t believe if I say this, the app has 150 million active users daily, who log in to the app and 500 million active users’ monthly login to the app in June 2018.
  • Amazing features of the great TIKTOK APP-
  • The users can obviously watch music clips or video clips of other users.
  • The app’s dashboard trends with the latest and high rated music videos on the internet and the app.
  • Users can also shoot short video clips, just like Dubsmash app.
  • The videos you shoot can also be edited and can be added with special effects as well.
  • You as a user have to first choose the music from the list of background provided in the app and you can create your own music video.
  • You can record for 60 seconds maximum and enjoy the time as well.
  • This video creation also lets you share the video clip you shoot in the other social media platforms and also with the private chats or to the persons who are close to you.
  • Now the TikTok app has now merged with Musical.ly.

Try out the great TikTok app. Go and get it right away into your mobile device. Shoot your video today with this great and a popular app.

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