Like App Download | Install Like apk (2.8.9) Version for Android!

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Like App Download | Install Like apk (2.8.9) Version for Android!
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Like Download Latest Version for Android!

Like app, is one of the most popular videos sharing an app in India? It is full of fun, joy and entertainment. In this, you can create and share videos with your followers and friends. It gives you many options like special effect and music to your videos.

Create an account in like the app as it takes few seconds and can be done through Google. It provides the option to choose a song that is saved in your android mobile phones. The editing of the video is very much simple and fast along with this having various features.

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  • High performance
  • 3D Magic in videos
  • Magic effect
  • Fairytale magic for girls
  • Superpower
  • Fashionable features
  • Emoji stickers

It is a great platform for those who want to display their talent while using various effects on their videos. The app size is 33 MB, you can install Like app from Google play store. In addition, install size is 50-60 MB. The latest version of this is 2.8.2 and BIGO Technology LTD. offers this app. The videos you have created in like app can be shared in various social networking sites.

No need to download and upload various videos again. This app saves time as well. Like app comes to the more features like body recognition effects and being top-ranked in Apple store. Shaping magic feature which going to modify your body shape and form a unique body structure from head to toe. Their focus is to add on more features to their app and makes it number one video app in this world.


  • Like all, you can easily edit the videos in a few seconds. In this, you can easily pick up various tools like the colour and apply it on your video and various effect just wives over the video to make your video amazing.
  • Making 3D videos being easier in this Like app all you need just to follow the instructions provides by the Like app and make your videos better by giving various 3D effect in that video.
  • I like the app, you going to find various interesting videos and can easily share wherever you want to do if you like some one’s videos you can easily add that video created in your friend list and can also chat with them.
  • This app requires the version of Android 4.0 or higher. It is completely free for their users. Users can choose millions of songs for the background of their videos popular songs, theme etc.

The most popular video appears on the leaderboards and on the front page of the app and their primary focus is to capture the social networking by providing the various unique features to their users. Like app is available in almost nine languages by using this like the app you can make amazing videos by using the magic effects and can also show it to your friends and even having a chance of being popular though this Like app.

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