FMovies App | Free Download Movies, HD Wallpapers, for Android!

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FMovies App | Free Download Movies, HD Wallpapers, for Android!
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Fmovies is a very popular platform that hosts a large range of TV shows and movies. They are using the website to reach out their users and let them enjoy the content of their choice. You can watch a wide range of movies including new releases, cam rips (recordings from movie theatre screens), old movie, TV shows and the number of art films. Fmovies has a large variety of content which makes it reach to a large number of users and makes it more popular via vidmate app download.

Some Major Features of the Fmovies are:

  • Downloading movies or shows using your browser or downloader.
  • No subscription fee is required.
  • Content is always fresh with the latest movies and shows uploading frequently.
  • Full-Screen support for all mobile phones.
  • Connected to high-speed servers.
  • Variety servers to choose for download or stream
  • Provides subtitles for all the movies and shows

Fmovies makes itself more popular by streaming out the latest releases. Now, this can’t be done without piracy. So we can say that Fmovies also hosts pirated content in a managed way. They usually link to movies and media hosted on other servers and thus working around legal concerns. By this, they try to pass out piracy laws by not putting content on their own site. They provide content through a deep web and link it to their site or app and stream it for you by claiming they don’t break the laws.

Still, the site was found guilty on six major counts:
  • Federal Trademark infringement
  • False designation of origin
  • Direct copyright infringement
  • Contributory copyright infringement
  • Unfair competition
  • False advertising

Fmovies is safe to use if you use some VPN that can hide your IP address. They use some ad pop-ups similar to other torrent sites. So while surfing you should expect some porn content, links to malware and viruses and few pop-ups trying to launch the attack on your browser. Be careful when using Fmovies. Use proper VPN to hide your IP address or you can be in trouble if piracy is a crime in your country.

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