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Thinking of watching videos, the first thing that pops in our mind is the online streaming platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu etc. But these days what is trending most among the users are the Facebook and Instagram videos. Unfortunately, Facebook does not come with a download option for these videos.

So to make a way, various applications are launched for Android, IOS and Windows platform that help users easily download videos from Facebook. These applications enable users to download videos of various qualities like 8k, 5k, 4k, 2k, HD etc and also convert them easily into file formats like MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, DVD, etc to be played across various devices.

Features of Facebook Video Downloader

1. User-friendly

The application has got a very friendly user interface which is extremely simple to operate. There are no login and registration procedures. Users can directly copy and paste the URL to start to begin downloading. It supports videos downloading from various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Hi5, Youtube, Metacafe, and many other sites.

2. Powerpack performance

The application’s performance is extremely powerful. It is not just limited to Android and IOS platform but also has direct integration with Internet Explorer and Firefox that facilitates the users with one click download in PC.

3. Safe and Lightweight

The application has an extremely secured platform and consumes very less storage space in devices.

4. Faster Download

The application allows users to download the videos within seconds being extremely fast with smooth online streaming.

Types of Facebook Downloader for Android

1. Download Manager

It is free video downloader for Facebook which does not need copying and pasting of URLs for downloading rather fetches it directly from the browser. The application facilitates high speed downloading of all Facebook videos.

2. Video Downloader

It facilities easy downloading of all Facebook and IGTV videos in HD quality and let the users share it with other users. The interface is extremely flexible and saves time by multi-video downloading.

3. Video Downloader for Facebook

The application lets you browse Facebook directly from its interface. You can download the videos directly by playing them and then clicking on Yes to start downloading. The application is very convenient and one of the best video downloader.

Types of Facebook Downloader for IOS

1. Video Downloader for Facebook

This is the same application that is explained above for Android but the difference it here in order to save the videos to the device the pro pack subscription is required by the user which is free in case of Android.

2. File Master

The application is available for free in AppStore. You need to download it first. Then you have to copy your desired Facebook Url from the website. Next return to File master and tap open it browser to open fbdown.net. Once opened paste the URL and click on Download t start downloading.

3. My Media

This is also a similar application like File master. Here instead of typing fbdown.net, you have to write savefrom.net. Once done, paste the URL and click on download to start downloading. You get the downloaded file from media option to save to your device.


Facebook Video Downloader has been proved highly beneficial for downloading various fun and entertaining videos from Facebook easily without spending a single bit of money.

Facebook Video Downloader App Latest Version (2.2.2) for Android Free!
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