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9aps is an app which provides you with a platform where users can share software and also a platform for the app developers also. The downloading and installing of 9aps is quite easy. This app is not available on the Google play store, you have to download from their page only.

You can easily download it in few steps as you need to download the APK file of 9aps from here and install it on your mobile phones. This 9aps is only for the Android versions. It’s a great app, which fulfils all the requirements of a user.

Features of 9aps

  • A small Size

This application is small in size, the application is not deleted once you have installed it in your phones. This also helps to minimize the problem of storage in mobile phones. Their competitor is google play store which keeps the installed package but there doesn’t do in the same way.

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  • Download manager

It’s good to download manager as you can easily put up all the pending downloads in a pause and also resume. Through geographical location, you can also connect it just to enhance the downloading speed. As it play a great time in the speed for downloading the app.

  • Custom content

For installing the app in your phone you need to create an account on 9aps. Users downloading history visible to them .It’s being very fast related to the downloading process and also provides you with the best app in just a few seconds. They being best and gives more customer satisfaction to their users.


  • Search bar
  • Filters
  • Free coupons

This all provides ample coupons related to aa  various app like Uber, Amazon to grab the entire market. This app holds various app like Facebook, Uber, Amazon, messenger, Twitter. The size of the app is 3.0 MB and requires Android version 2.3.4 and above. 9aps give you secure and safe to download.

They use to give regular updates to their users about the latest features integrated into the app. There are thousands of games available in 9aps and support all android versions only. It is easy to use and you can easily download it. Even they also serve their customers with interesting themes like wallpaper, Dodol theme.

9aps having a column of stickers in which all morning, night, love, funny stickers are available for the users.

9aps provides their customers with their best services as they want to compete with the google play store and just to compete with them. The developers trying their best to provide better services so that customers get attracted towards 9aps that’s why providing a unique feature, which is not available with the Google play store.

The speed of downloading the various app through this 9aps is fast and gets installed in a few seconds, Opt for this app instead of choosing any other app for downloading of various apps choose this because they provide better services than other ones.

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